Our new Day Nursery and Pre-School at Godstone farm is made possible via our partnership with the established and award-winning childcare experts, Kids Play Childcare.

Many of us have come to appreciate the undisputable benefits of getting outside and closer to nature, which is why the nursery offers just that; lots of stimulating play within a natural environment.

Countryside learning

We are able to make use of our plentiful 45 acres of natural countryside to create enriching experiences for children in their formative early years. Within our new purpose built 396 sq/m nursery building, every room is focused on child-led play, with free flow access to the day nursery’s garden and daily visits to the farm to see our animals.

We give children a unique chance to learn about field to fork food cycles as well as how to care for their furry friends on the farm.

We offer weekend open-day tours each month if you wish to take a look around. Please contact Lucy, our nursery manager for more information on dates of tours.

Oustanding care

We are confident that children are able to thrive in our brand new Day Nursery & Pre-School, spending time in the countryside fresh-air with access to private gardens and of course enjoying daily visits to Godstone Farm.

Caring for children from 6 weeks to 5 years, Godstone Farm Day Nursery and Pre-School provides a modern setting within a farm environment.

Giving your child the very best in early years education, we believe in learning through play, creating happy, healthy children.

Ofsted registered

At Godstone Farm Day Nursery and Pre-School, our experienced and qualified team aim for the highest possible standards of childcare.


Godstone Farm Day Nursery and Pre-School is part of the Kids Play Childcare Group which runs a number of Outstanding and Good Ofsted registered Day Nurseries across the UK.  We are Ofsted registered EY2639668


You can view our newsletter here.

Covid-19 Policy

Godstone Day Nursery has always encouraged children to learn through play, with daily supervised visits to the farm animals and plenty of fresh air.

We want to share with you the measures that we have been implementing at Godstone Farm Day Nursery which follow government guidance.



What measures we are taking to minimise the risk of infection and keep your child safe?


  • There will be designated drop off and collection points outside the setting, parents and visitors will not be permitted to enter the setting. Staff will be wearing face masks on drop off and collection of children.
  • Temperature checks of all staff and children will be taken on arrival to the setting and hand washing will take place on entry as well as throughout the day.
  • Children will be organised into small ‘bubble’ groups, where possible these groups will not mix during the day with other bubble groups. We will try to consider friendship groups where possible.
  • Layouts of our classrooms will be considered to support smaller ‘bubble’ groups of children.
  • There will be allocated times for ‘bubble’ groups to be outside and equipment will be cleaned in between groups.
  • All staff will receive up to date training in managing infection control and preventing the risk of Coronavirus.
  • No outings away from the setting into the local community will take place until further notice.
  • We will have an enhanced cleaning schedule to ensure that all equipment and resources are cleaned regularly including reception areas, touch points and bathroom areas.
  • All soft furnishing, soft toys and rugs will be removed from our classrooms to prevent the risk of infection.
  • If a child or staff member becomes unwell with symptoms in the setting they will be sent home and asked to isolate in line with the government guidelines. Staff will wear PPE whilst waiting for a child to be collected and the area will be thoroughly cleaned prior to reopening.
  • We are now using a fogging machine in our childcare rooms that will provide a further level of infection control against Coronavirus.
  • We are pleased to confirm staff are being tested twice a week, using Lateral flow tests.
  • Any children who are required to isolate and have a sibling in the setting, they too will be required isolate to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


What can parents do to help minimise the risk of infection and keep their child safe:


  • We ask that only parents and children who are symptom free attend the setting. If your child or someone in your household displays any symptoms of Covid-19, please notify the Manager by telephone, stay at home and isolate in line with the government guidelines
  •  If you have been tested for Covid-19 please await your result before attending the setting with your children
  •  Please keep to social distancing rules, this includes keeping 2 metres distance from staff, other children, and other parents/carers.
  • Please can we ask that where possible only 1 parent is to drop off and collect your child to support with social distancing outside of the setting.
  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to store any buggies, car seats or children’s scooters inside the setting and these will need to be stored at home or in our outside designated area.
  • Please do not bring in toys from home, this will help us to minimise any risk of infection. If your child does have a comforter to support their well-being this is fine, however we do ask if it can be cleaned daily.
  • We ask that parents wear face masks on drop off and collection times.

For more information or to discuss your child’s return to Nursery or Pre-School, please contact our Nursery Manager via email at email@godstonefarmdaynursery.co.uk or call 01883 725 865.