We know first-hand that children greatly benefit from being connected to nature in their formative years. These experiences equip children with the vital skills of independence, curiosity, resourcefulness and imagination. The new Godstone Farm Day Nursery building has been designed with emphasis on getting outdoors as much as possible and all of the child-led play will focus on the natural environment around them.

Outstanding Care From Six Weeks to Pre-School

At Godstone Farm Day Nursery and Pre-School, we believe in learning through play and creating happy, self-confident children who are ready for mainstream school. With our experienced staff, modern setting, stunning countryside location and access to private gardens, we can provide your child with the very best in early years education.


Your child will also benefit from daily, supervised visits to Godstone Farm, where they will enjoy a wide range of activities from meeting the farm animals and hopping aboard the tractor and trailer rides to explore acres of indoor and outdoor play.


Our ‘Planning in the Moment’ teaching approach allows our team to turn any play experience chosen by the children into an opportunity to learn and develop, learning through play is key at Godstone Farm. See our eBook and find out more.


6 weeks to 2 years

With a nurturing and stimulating environment, all babies will have the opportunity to develop and master new skills through exploration, discovery and play.


Your child’s key carer, works in partnership with you to ensure the care received at home is complemented at the nursery. This includes weaning, feeding, changing and sleeping routines. We also provide formula milk, nappies, creams and wipes.


Babies will also benefit from daily visits to the Farm to see the animals, in addition to access to the nursery’s private gardens – plenty of countryside fresh air. 


Your child’s key carer will provide daily feedback, with more focused feedback given every 4 weeks.


2 years to 3 years

When babies become toddlers, we encourage them to develop their language skills, enjoy early maths and undertake creative play. When your child is ready for potty training, we will work together with you to ensure success!


With plenty of stimulating activities to discover either in the nursery building, in the private gardens or during daily supervised visits to Godstone Farm, there are plenty of opportunities to develop your child’s natural interests.


Your child’s key carer will provide daily feedback, with more focused feedback given every 6 weeks.


3 years to 5 years

Following the key areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, our main aim within our Pre-School is to ensure children are confident and ready for mainstream school.

Our staff encourage children to experience learning in a variety of ways, encouraging a ‘can-do’ attitude and a willingness to try new things.

With free-flow access to private gardens, children will also enjoy daily supervised visits to the Farm where they will be able to see and feed the animals, and explore acres of indoor and outdoor adventure play.

Your child’s key carer will provide daily feedback, with more focused feedback given every 10 weeks