As of spring 2021, Godstone Farm will open a new Day Nursery and Pre-School on the farm. A beautiful farm house conversion is currently under construction and once open, we look forward to welcoming children ranging from 6 weeks to 5 years old, offering a whole host of nature-based adventures every day. 

The new Day Nursery will offer lots of stimulating play within a natural environment. We will be making use of our plentiful 45 acres of natural countryside at Godstone Farm to create enriching experiences for children in their formative early years.


Within a nurturing and stimulating environment, all babies have opportunities to grow their confidence, mastering new skills through exploration, discovery and play.


As babies become toddlers, they are supported in developing their language skills, beginning to understand the concept of numbers and shapes, along with participating in creative activities.


Following the key areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, our main aim within our Pre-School is to ensure children are confident and ready for mainstream school.